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This content is not for everyone. Staying Curious is an outlet of inquisitiveness generally about the following topics:

  • Wisdom in general, especially in nature

  • Mental models and mental toughness (aka: how to think and think well)

  • Effective leadership

  • Societal and cultural stuff’n’things

  • Questions that nobody seems to be asking

Formal warning:

Sometimes I challenge Staying Curious readers to think in ways that may be uncomfortable to them. Sometimes I can be extremely blunt. My intention is not malicious. My intention is to help you stay curious. And you can’t stay curious if you don’t dig deeper. And you can’t keep digging deeper without striking a time vessel or treasure that feels “wrong” to open.

But we’re gonna open it.

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This isn’t some co-working space where we sit around and pretend to look busy and intellectual. This is a real community where we’ll have real conversations about real issues, big questions, and the unthinkable.

That’s right. The unthinkable. How do you think the unthinkable?

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